Grand Central Series


Since 1991, I have photographed commuters in New York, London and Paris. From 1995 to 1998, I worked in the Graybar Building, next to New York City's Grand Central Station. Sometimes, in the midst of my daily commute, I was struck by the intense flow of humanity and the station's beauty. At other times, I was too preoccupied to notice anything but what was next on my schedule. These images reflect the dynamic brilliance of such moments. They speak to the rush and quiet, ebb and flow of humankind in Grand Central and similar spaces around the world. I enjoy returning and photographing Grand Central from time to time, digitally, in color and black and white, especially through the fall of 2017 when construction on Vanderbilt Avenue allowed more light to flow into the terminal. - MCR  


"Roth's photographs in Grand Central Series transform the cacophony of the terminal during rush hour into subtle kinetic tapestries of light and shadow reminiscent of futurism and abstract expressionism in painting. The photographs explore unchartered territory between  representation and abstraction in which her anonymous subjects reveal themselves as evocative streams of light and energy. Figures intriguingly fuse with their foreshortened and elongated shadows. These are sometimes hard-edge, solid black swatches that recall the black-on-white abstract style of Franz Kline or the color images of crowds of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Roth achieves an inimitably painterly style that is a stunning and refreshingly new “photosynthesis” in the great tradition of New York City photography."

                                                                 -Andrea DelBanco, The New York Times, Dec. 31, 2000 and The Phyllis Lucas Gallery/Old Print Center




Surface Series: Ghana, San Juan, Trinidad de Cuba and New York


 The Surface Series imagery is a reflection on the effects of nature on man-made structures over time, the idea of history repeating itself,

and the knowledge that our egos and errors will be erased – that over time nature prevails.


No he de caerme, no, que, yo soy fuerte - I will not fall, no, because I am strong

en vano me embisten los ciclones - in vain hurricanes assail me

y me ha roido el tiempo hueso y carne, - and time has gnawed flesh and bone

y la humedad me ha abierto ulceras verdes; -  and humidity has caused green ulcers to fester;

con un poco de cal yo me compongo - with a little bit of plaster I will mend

con un poco de cal y de ternura -  with a little bit of plaster and tenderness…


Dulce Maria Loynaz – Ultima dias de una casa

Dulce María Loynaz was the daughter of the famous General Enrique Loynaz del Castillo, a hero of the Cuban Liberation Army and author of the lyrics of the march theme, "El Himno Invasor", and sister of poet Enrique Loynaz Muñoz.

Dulce María was born in Havana City, on December 10, 1902.


Appropriation Series


 The Appropriation Series is a reflection on time and distance from one’s own work and the rapid pace of change in technology in the process of documenting works of art. In this series, I am creating abstract digital imagery inspired from the documentation process of my early paintings. 


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